Amanda sitting on a bridge in Central Park, NY

I started my shop, Tomorrow's Creations, early into the pandemic using my Cricut. It was a way to make money and keep busy. It turned into a really fun hobby that had me making shirts, cups, stickers and car decals. It's very time consuming so it really taught me how to be organized. It started because I got laid off due to the pandemic so I need to find a way to pay rent from working at home. It really made my creative side come out and I had to teach myself everything I know with the help of YouTube.

I also partnered with someone that has a YouTube channel and I make their T-shirts for them. It was a great way to have contract with some to keep an annual income. It's fun seeing people buy my design and see my shirts on YouTube. It's still a small business and later it could be something, but for now it's a hobby. I just recently started slowing down on promoting myself because of back to in person classes and an in person job there isn't much time at the moment.

I also draw all my own designs which is time consuming but it's relaxing ending my day with a new drawing. I get most of my inspiration from my photos. I like drawing picture I've taken in the past it's a nice way to connect my two hobbies together. I also get to really focus on my photos when drawing them and I taught me a lot about shadows and angles, which helps me learn new things for both drawing and photography.