Amanda sitting on a bridge in Central Park, NY

As I mentioned, I have a real passion for traveling. I try to go to as many different places as I can. I've had the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful places and it's a true blessing. I want to continue to expand the number of places I've visited. It has been a slow but rewarding processes checking places off my list. I want to travel from places in the United States to outside of the country.

I've been in a few states in the United States. I plan to eventually visited all 50 states. I plan on buying an RV one day and traveling the whole country, whether that's sometime in the near future or when I am sixty years old. Some of my favorite places are Time Square in New York city to the other side of the country the Golden Gate Bridge. Some states in the US are so completely different it's hard to believe sometimes you're still in the US.

I've also gotten to experience other countries and the culture and scenery is amazing. Each time I've made friends either from different countries or a different state than me. I've learned life is a lot different elsewhere than Brownsville, Texas or even Texas for that matter. I've got the oppurtunity to hear stories from other people and their culture and learn and grow in the process. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to try new things and it's been unforgettable.

States I've Been To In The US

Countries I've Been To